Thursday, December 10, 2009

Addition of the Transgender/GenderQueer Constituency-Based Group

Change: Formal addition of the Trans/Gender Queer (TGQ) Constituency-Based Group and, as such, addition of the TGQ chair to the composition of the Executive Board of the Consortium

Article III, § 2, f.
Appendix C

Rationale: The formal creation of the TGQ Constituency-Based Group and its’ chair provides formal representation, access, support and resources for those members of the Consortium that self-identify as Transgender and/or GenderQueer.
New proposed text:

Article III
§ 2. Composition
The Board shall consist of the following individuals
f. The chairs of each of the standing Constituency-Based Groups:
3. Transgender/GenderQueer

Appendix C
Position Description & Expectations
Transgender/GenderQueer Constituency Group chair
- Provide input and feedback to the Executive Board and membership at large
- Organize agendas and conference calls (as need arises) for the TGQ group
- Report activities of TGQ group to the Board
- Work collaboratively with other Constituency-Based Group chairs to develop programs and resources
- Manage and moderate communications over existing or new TGQ listserves and/or blogs
- Act as primary point of contact for support and resources for members of the TGQ group and/or Consortium Members who seek support related to TGQ work
- Coordinate any and all meeting of the TGQ group at relevant professional conferences and meetings
- Assist with the implementation of strategic efforts, especially as outlined in the Strategic Plan

Other relevant notes:
- pending the approval of the creating of the TGQ group, the election of the TGQ group chair will occur within normal parameters of the election process
- in accordance with other Constituency-Based Group Chairs, the TGQ Group Chair will serve a two-year term

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