Thursday, December 10, 2009

Proposed By-Law Changes

The following three posts are proposed amendments to the By-Laws of the Consortium. These proposed changes will be voted on at the Annual Business Meeting. In accordance to the Consortium By-Laws we invite any and all feedback and comments on these proposed changes.

Thank you for your time regarding these matters.

Addition of "ability status" to statement of inclusion

Change: Addition of “ability status” to the statement of inclusion.

Occurrence: Article III, § 3, a.

Rationale: This addition is in accordance to the Consortium’s commitment to equality, inclusion and social justice.

New proposed text:

Article III: Executive Board
§3. Qualifications
a. Individuals elected shall be people interested in and willing to contribute to advancing the mission of the Consortium in conducting elections, members shall be reminded that the Consortium is committed to inclusion of all in leadership roles (including, but not limited to, assistant directors/program coordinators, people from different regions and different types of institutions/entities, transgender individuals, same-gender loving people, people of color, two-spirit people, individuals with limited economic resources and people of varying ability status).

Membership Dues

Change: Increase in membership dues in accordance with increase plan presented at Creating Change 2009.
The following fee schedule is proposed:

current: individual $25; institutional $150
2010-2011: individual $30; institutional $175
2011-2012: individual $30; institutional $175
2012-2013: individual $35; institutional $200

Occurrence: Article II, § 3, a.

Rationale: The increase, spread over 3 membership years, allows for the growth of the Consortium as an organization and, eventually, as a registered and recognized 501(c)3 entity. Increased financial commitment is necessary to adjust to the increased strain on resources and as benefits of membership increase.

New proposed text:

Article II. Membership
§ 3. Dues
a. Membership dues are determined according to a sliding scale based upon the
institutional and/or individual member situation. The fee schedule for membership dues to the Consortium are as follows:
2010-2011: individual $30; institutional $175
2011-2012: individual $30; institutional $175
2012-2013: individual $35; institutional $200

Other relevant notes:
- any increase to dues will take effect for the 2010-2011 academic year

Addition of the Transgender/GenderQueer Constituency-Based Group

Change: Formal addition of the Trans/Gender Queer (TGQ) Constituency-Based Group and, as such, addition of the TGQ chair to the composition of the Executive Board of the Consortium

Article III, § 2, f.
Appendix C

Rationale: The formal creation of the TGQ Constituency-Based Group and its’ chair provides formal representation, access, support and resources for those members of the Consortium that self-identify as Transgender and/or GenderQueer.
New proposed text:

Article III
§ 2. Composition
The Board shall consist of the following individuals
f. The chairs of each of the standing Constituency-Based Groups:
3. Transgender/GenderQueer

Appendix C
Position Description & Expectations
Transgender/GenderQueer Constituency Group chair
- Provide input and feedback to the Executive Board and membership at large
- Organize agendas and conference calls (as need arises) for the TGQ group
- Report activities of TGQ group to the Board
- Work collaboratively with other Constituency-Based Group chairs to develop programs and resources
- Manage and moderate communications over existing or new TGQ listserves and/or blogs
- Act as primary point of contact for support and resources for members of the TGQ group and/or Consortium Members who seek support related to TGQ work
- Coordinate any and all meeting of the TGQ group at relevant professional conferences and meetings
- Assist with the implementation of strategic efforts, especially as outlined in the Strategic Plan

Other relevant notes:
- pending the approval of the creating of the TGQ group, the election of the TGQ group chair will occur within normal parameters of the election process
- in accordance with other Constituency-Based Group Chairs, the TGQ Group Chair will serve a two-year term

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Notice of Elections

The following positions will be elected at the Annual Business Meeting of the Consortium

  • Treasurer
  • Support Services Chair
  • Recorder
  • Publications and Communications Chair
  • Trans/Gender Queer Constituency Chair
for more information about these positions, or to nominate yourself or others, please contact Dre Domingue or Amit Taneja, Consortium past co-Chairs at past-chair [at] lgbtcampus [dot] org

Welcome to the Consortium Creating Change 2010 Blog

Hello friends,

This blog was created for a few simple reasons:

  • to provide a forum for members of the Consortium to review and comment on proposed by-law changes - these changes will be voted on during the Consortium Annual Business meeting
  • to offer a clearing house of updates related to the Consortium Pre-Conference Institute
  • share information about Creating Change 2010 that may be relevant to Consortium members
Thank you for taking time to visit, read and comment on this blog.

Debbie and Gabe
Consortium co-Chairs